Hi there mama! I am so glad you found us, my name is Maryellen Hartwell, and i am the face behind Sunny + Mama.

Ever wondered what a One-Woman Show looked like? Well welcome 🙏 . I am the Textile Designer, Business Owner, Social Media Manager, Customer Service Rep. You name it, i do it!

After having my first child (Whom we have affectionately dubbed "Sunny") I quickly became frustrated by the lack of functional sleepwear options available for my newborn. As a tired Mama changing a diaper in the middle of the night, the existing options were missing the mark on functionality. The ones on the market were thin, wore easily and left room to desire more. I felt like my options were limited: I was forced to choose between low-priced, low quality, mass-market sleepers or super expensive ones that my son would grow out of in a matter of weeks.

I couldn’t find an easy to use, high quality, reasonably priced sleepwear option so I decided to do something about it. I spent the next year researching fabric that wouldn’t irritate my son’s sensitive skin. I sought material that was soft but not paper thin, thick but did not suffer from excessive pilling as bamboo tends to do. I obsessed over every feature (Hello cuffs on big sizes! 😍) I worked tirelessly on the design and included aIl the things i had wished for as a busy mom. When creating our line it was important to be more than just 'Bamboo PJ's' we wanted to create something that left a lasting impact with our mission. Thus Sunny + Mama was born.

My hope is that the love and passion that I’ve put into Sunny + Mama is evident to you and your own family as you use our products. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives - it means the world to me!

-Maryellen N. Hartwell