Finlee's Story

Q: What condition was your child born with?

 Treacher Collins syndrome 

Q: Can you tell us what the biggest challenges are that come with the diagnosis?

In my opinion, the biggest challenge that comes with such a large diagnosis is acceptance. You have to accept that this is how your baby was intended to be, you have to accept that it is not your fault, you have to accept that you can not single handled heal them, and you have to accept that just because this isn’t what you dreamed of - doesn’t mean it isn’t magical.

 Q: How has this diagnosis impacted you and your child's day-to-day life?

Finlee June was born with her condition, so she doesn’t know life to be any different. However, it has added some extra to-dos onto my to-do list - but I was built for mile long lists! Getting out of the house takes a little more thought and a few extra bags of supplies, but doable nonetheless. It’s been an adjustment, but I couldn’t imagine living life any other way now that she’s ours!

 Q: What do you want other people would know about your child's medical condition?

Treacher Collins Syndrome is the underdevelopment of facial bones/tissues - that is it. Finlee’s face may be different, but her heart is the same and so are her feelings. Choose kind, be kind. Let your littles say hello! She loves new friends and I love the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about her uniqueness.

 Q: In what ways has your child inspired you or others?

Finlee June is an absolute inspiration. Despite any of the bumps in her road, she is still as bubbly as they come. She is calm, tolerant, and so very happy. She smiles from the minute she wakes up until the second she goes to sleep. She is the definition of happiness is key. A lesson to learned by many, myself included!